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 My Money Quotient
Are you aware of the various Tax Saving avenues available and are you utilizing them to the fullest?

Do you have a consolidated portfolio of Mutual Fund Schemes, Insurance Policies or Equity Stocks?

Do you organize and protect your financial statements and online login details?

Do you channelize your monthly savings into investment avenues suiting your Risk-Return profile?

Have you allocated your current and future financial assets to your life's goals & dreams?

Are you aware of the retirement corpus you would require to fund your 20 - 30 years of your retirement life?

Do all your Invesments and Savings have a nomination or Do you have a Will in place

Are you aware of various charges by your insurance, mutual fund, bank and credit card company?

Can you access or know the current value of all your investments and savings anytime?

Are you aware of the actual insurance coverage you really need so that you are not under-insured or over-insured?

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