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Tax Planning

Tax Planning includes planning of income, expenses and investments in a tax efficient manner to gain maximum benefit of prevailing tax laws. The alteration and modifications of tax laws over time have opened up numerous avenues for planning your savings as per your needs.

Wisdom wealth consultancy helps you carefully assess the various options and guide you in a proper way for the following questions and more;

  1. Am I making best use of my 80C and 80D tax benefits?
  2. What are the changes in tax laws that may affect my taxes, investments and savings.
  3. What is the effect of Long-term capital gains and short-term capital gains on my investments?
  4. Do I know the various tax havens and tax-shelter schemes applicable to me?
  5. Just the year-end Tax Saving or Strategic Tax Planning. What is more beneficial?
  6. Which is more beneficial for me - ELSS or PPF or both?

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