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Investment Vehicles

  • Investment Concerns – Returns, Capital Protection, Inflation, Taxation, Liquidity, Divisibility.

  • Small Savings Schemes – Public Provident Fund, National Savings Certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, Post Office MIS. PO T&D.

  • Fixed Income Instruments – Government Securities (Bonds, T-Bills, CD, CP, Zero Coupon Bonds, Promissory Note, etc.), Corporate Securities (Corporate Bonds, etc.) Corporate Deposits, Bank Deposits, etc. Small Savings Instruments such as Public Provident Fund, National Saving Certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra, Post Office Monthly Income Scheme, Post office Term Deposit, Post Office Saving Accounts, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme, etc.

  • Mutual Fund Products - Generic (Equity Growth Funds, Income Funds, Balanced Funds, Liquid Funds, Index Funds, ETFs, FMPs,), Specific (, Thematic & Sectoral Funds, , Arbitrage Funds, etc.), Overseas opportunities, Short-term Funds for parking liquidity, diversified equity fund.

  • Equities – Types of Shares, Dividend Yield, EPS, P/E, etc., Modes of Valuation, Portfolio Management aspects, Value Growth investing.

  • Derivatives and Commodities – Essential features, Types-Future and Options.

  • Real estate - Forms of real estate investment, financing real estate, Costs of buying and maintaining, Loans and financing.

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