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Investment Planning

Investment Planning determines the optimum investment and asset allocation strategies based on the time horizon, risk profile and financial goals of the client. There is a wide range of investment options available today. A Financial Planner offering Investment Planning services should understand and analyze various asset classes as well as the products available under each asset class before recommending an investment strategy to the client for achieving financial goals.

While offering Investment Planning Services, a Financial Planner should help answer the following questions pertaining to a client:

  • What are the life goals? How can these be translated into financial goals?
  • What is the client's risk profile?
  • What is the time horizon available for investments?
  • What should be the ideal Asset Allocation?
  • Which asset allocation strategy should be followed?
  • How to achieve diversification of investments?
  • What is the investment objective – 'income', 'growth' or just capital protection?
  • How much to invest either in a lump-sum or regularly to achieve the given goal?

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