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Fundamental Planning

Financial decisions are critical decisions, which decide how comfortably we end up monetarily in life. The complexities of our financial circumstances are many we need to take a careful solution to such problems.

Financial planning is the process of identifying a person's financial goals, evaluating existing resources and designing the financial strategies that help the person to achieve those goals.

  • What's my net worth?
  • How can I grow and protect my financial wealth?
  • How can I pay and manage my debt?
  • Are Financial Ratio's Healthy?
  • How should I set measurable goals?
  • How will Inflation affect my Financial Plan?
  • What is my asset allocation?
  • What is my risk profile?
  • Are my savings being channelized efficiently?
  • How much money should I have for contingency purposes?
  • Do not confuse financial planning with investing?
  • Do not expect unrealistic returns on the investments?
  • Do not wait for a money crisis to begin financial planning?

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