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Estate Planning (Legal Aspects)

Estate Planning is a very important area for the people, because mostly neglected and ignored part of their personal finances. Failing to plan for legal and financial aftermath of death usually results in much headache and pain for the survivors, for all about protecting and transferring your wealth to your next generation. It is done with the help of wills, trusts and other strategies.

Wisdom wealth consultancy helps you solutions for the following questions;

  1. Do I need a Will?
  2. Do you have a Will?
  3. How do I create a trust?
  4. Have you set up any trust?
  5. How does you will distribute your property?
  6. Who is an Executor? What does he do?
  7. Who should be the beneficiary of my Will?
  8. How do I make a Will?
  9. How will I ensure that my estate planning is tax efficient?
  10. Does anyone hold your power of attorney?
  11. In the event of death! Who will take care?

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